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(1191) RobertDyelp
Sa, 4 Juli 2020 11:26:26 +0000

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(1188) DavidViava
Mi, 1 Juli 2020 19:04:47 +0000

Menindee grazier rob mcbride says water use is not sustainable

'Took 20 years' to get from point A to point B'

Water, he says, is "not a good investment in a land".

In fact, as he points out, water conservation is the "gold standard" for sustainability and conservation across the world, while water conservation should be done for the economy.

"If we do this, we don't need as many dams and we can put more rivers out there as we need – we just need to get them out of the way and allow water to flow over to different areas in a more sensible way."

He says Australia's water system is built around a series of dams and reservoirs which can all be seen as the basis of its water policy, and all the way up through water conservation and conservation systems.

While the South-east Queensland water minister has pledged the state will use 25 per cent less water in 2013-2014, Mr McMirr believes there may have been a little over-consumption in the recent past.

He says it's important the water system has sufficient water reserves because without it, water is too difficult to store and the region could have higher levels of pollutants in the waterways.

Mr McMirr says if they wanted the rivers to flow again they would have been able to do it, but the system has not been built.

"It's probably the best way to go, and you only need enough to cover the region from Ballymaloo to the Brisbane Valley and to have enough available for the regional rivers and other irrigation needs."

Mr McMirr says the "long-term solution" to water conservation is to use the technology of pumped water systems, which can run in the region for years.

He hopes to be able to get more people on board with the scheme, while increasing the supply of clean drinking water.

"That means we'd have less people working the ground, not more. That means more jobs, we could go more green."

Mr McMirr says using pumped water systems will make sure water conservation is better for the region in the long term.

The Australian Water Technology Centre has estimated that the amount of pumped water use would be halved if people in the region started to use it.

But when the idea was first floated, Mr McMirr says, it would have been very controversial.

"It took many years for the idea to come to the attention of the public. And the public did not support using pumps, we saw our public support decline in the last decade with pumping."

Topics: water-management, local-government, local-government-and-politics, rural, community-an

Business concern as qantas cuts singapore link?

Qantas have expressed concern the company is cutting its Singapore service after the government ordered the company's carrier staff to work in India to train pilots.

But the firm says it will continue to expand its global base and maintain its Singapore link.

And it says it will hire more staff in Singapore to meet demand, which the government predicts will create 1,000 new jobs.

That makes Singapore the fourth-largest economy in the world, with annual gross domestic product of $711 billion.

The airline says it is "optimistically" targeting 1 million additional flying hours in Singapore in 2018, and hopes to increase by another million flying hours in 2019.

It says it has been delivering its Singapore flight lines since 1995 and now serves 3 million passengers each year, making it the largest destination in Asia for commercial airlines.

(1187) Nikollfyb
Di, 30 Juni 2020 17:36:02 +0000

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Mi, 24 Juni 2020 03:20:20 +0000

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Mo, 22 Juni 2020 10:37:25 +0000

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So, 21 Juni 2020 15:01:30 +0000

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Sa, 20 Juni 2020 02:11:08 +0000

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